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Teragrep is an open source company located in Finland. Find out more about us and learn how to get involved.

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Our Story

Our team has been working with records management for various clients in the financial sector since 2015. With our clients we noticed that the existing tools for collecting and analyzing big data were less than ideal.

The tools were privately maintained, so they resulted in a permanent lock-in for the user. They were expensive, so the lock-in soon led to high costs. They were inflexible, so they were hard to integrate with the users' other systems. They didn't fill all the security requirements, so they needed extra attention to be standards-compliant. Also, they were just plain hard to use.

Because of this, we saw the need for a new tool for collecting and analyzing data – one that would solve all these problems. We founded Teragrep in 2021 to do just that.

The name Teragrep is a combination of the words tera, a trillion, and grep, a search command. In other words, Teragrep means shifting through a huge amount of data.

Get Involved

You can help us with the development of Teragrep. Just open an issue or submit a pull request on Github.

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