Using Teragrep is completely free. Even with paid technical support we aim to be more affordable than competing log management and analytics products.

Free Plan
Teragrep is permanently free for both commercial and non-commercial use. For support you have our user community and access to our free documentation and bug tracker.
Support License
If you want additional support, we offer an optional paid license that guarantees you SLA technical support.


free plan

About the Free Plan

Teragrep is perpetually free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. You can download and install Teragrep on your own servers today. You can read our free documentation, get help from our community and report problems into our bug tracker.

Even if you consider purchasing a support license in the future, you can install Teragrep and take it for a spin first to see if it suits your needs.

About the Support License

Teragrep’s optional support license includes service-level agreement support. Software bugs and incidents are guaranteed to be resolved in an agreed-upon time according to their severity.

The support license uses a pay-per-use pricing, so you pay according to your data volume. The price is 0.2732 € for 1 million ingested events.

Here are some fictional examples:

Aaron, an indie mobile software developer

Aaron develops a mobile app. He uses Teragrep to collect log files and find bugs related to crashing, abnormal cellular data usage, background refreshing not working, and so on.

Each of the 1 million users of his mobile app create 100 log events every month. With 100 million events Teragrep costs his company 27.32 € per month.

Baltic Produce, a wholesaler of grocery products

Baltic Produce sells groceries nationwide. It uses Teragrep to track shipments, optimize the efficiency of its supply chain, and minimize the shipping time of perishables.

Each of the 100 million products sold per month is logged at 10 points during its shipment. With 1 billion events Teragrep costs the company 273.20 € per month.

Carbonite Corp., a manufacturer of heavy equipment

Carbonite Corporation manufactures Internet-connected freezers and coolers. Its devices track and report their own usage rates, energy consumption and temperature fluctuations.

Each of the 10 million devices on the field create 1000 log events every month. With 10 billion events Teragrep costs the company 2,732 € per month.

let us do it for you

Let Us Do It For You

If you’d like more help with installing and managing Teragrep, we can also offer additional technical support. Our consulting services are priced at 150 € / h (VAT 0%).

We also offer hosting services if you don’t want to host your Teragrep installation yourself. Contact us for a price quote.